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Who Are Basketball Officials?

Officiating basketball is challenging and rewarding. Officiating is a diverse profession, attracting men and women from all walks of life – bankers, insurance agents, business executives, factory workers, postal workers and on and on. Some have played high school, college or amateur ball; others’ careers ended with youth basketball. Some are just out of high school; others are retired.

Despite these differences, good officials have much in common. They are critical thinkers who can make decisions in the heat of the moment while maintaining poise. They are peacekeepers and negotiators. They know when and how to stroke an ego without demeaning themselves or harming the integrity of the game. They know when and how to sell a call. They have thick skins and a great deal of patience. They are men and women who love basketball and who strive to achieve appropriate goals. And they are community-oriented people who chose the officiating profession to stay close to the game and give back to a sport that has given much to them.

You have three main purposes as an official:

1. To ensure fair play by knowing and upholding the rules of the game.
2. To minimize risks for the players to the extent that you can.
3. To exercise authority in an impartial, firm and controlled manner, as stated in the NFHS Officials Code of Ethics.

To learn more about officiating basketball and opportunities available within the KBOA email us at:

“Who are Basketball Officials” is excerpt removed from Officiating Basketball, a publication for the National Federation of State High School Associations Officials Education Program.

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