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In Honor of John Heldman, awarded to the new official who has shown outstanding ability and technique consistent with the standards of the Kentuckiana Basketball Officials Association.

This prestigious award has been presented annually to a member of the Kentuckiana Basketball Officials Association since its inception in 1978, in recognition of Ed Taylor’s contribution to the game of basketball and to the development of officiating in our community.

This award is presented to the official who best exemplifies the characteristics of Rip Hatfield and his love for the KBOA. All full members are eligible to receive this award, and the winner is selected by the KBOA Board of Directors.

Pete Mattingly, in whose memory and honor we present this tribute at the conclusion of each season, was a dear friend to the membership of the KBOA.  Each winner exhibits the attributes of Pete, while living up to the standards he set as Basketball Assigning Secretary.

This award is presented to the official rated Number One in the KBOA in the memory of Steve Bauer, who exemplified the attributes of a Number One official.

This page lists the names of all officials that have refereed in a State Tournament since 1984.

Honorary KBOA Members

This honorary membership is bestowed on persons by the Board of Directors for outstanding contributions to high school basketball and to the KBOA.

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